scout (skowt):

to search for something

bimble (bim  bl):

a leisurely walk or journey;
to walk or travel at a leisurely pace

To help busy folks cultivate work-life balance by providing seamlessly coordinated travel planning and logistics so they can connect with destinations ~ and each other ~ in meaningful ways.

Scout & Bimble creates customized travel solutions and leverages insider access to provide additional value, so vacation funds go further.


Hi, I'm Minette Roberson

I am a detail-obsessed travel advisor, mom, wife, former supply chain logistics consultant, and founder of Scout & Bimble. After living and working on three continents, I've cultivated a passion for travel.

My Story

Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, I had limited opportunities to travel. Nevertheless, years later I ended up finding the best Parisian challah in the Marais and feeling inspired by the artistic beauty of Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

Over the years, I often coordinated complex travel plans for myself and others. After reading Hemingway, I organized a group trip to Biarritz and San Sebastian. Traveling with an avid cyclist who later became my husband, I designed and managed a completely customized experience of three Tour de France stages in the Alps, the Pyrenees, and on the streets of Paris.

Lifetime of Travel

My first trip overseas was a semester abroad in Paris. From the moment I experienced the symphony of traffic swirling around the Arc de Triomphe on the cloudy winter morning of my arrival, I fell in love with seeing the world for myself.

Two years living and working in Japan deepened my passion for travel. It was exhilarating and inspiring to live, work, and travel on the other side of the planet.

Combining my logistics management experience with my love for travel, I am thrilled to help people make their travel dreams come true.

Work with Me

A Few of My Favorite ADVENTURES

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Ramen in Hokkaido, excitement in Tokyo, history in Kyoto, beaches in Okinawa

Restaurants in Paris, Sauternes in Bordeaux, beaches in Cannes, surfing in Biarritz

Museum-hopping, Broadway shows, Manhattan architecture, Brooklyn parks 

Art in Florence, architecture in Rome, relaxation in the Tuscan countryside

Walking tours of history, West End shows, people-watching in Piccadilly Circus

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