Yep, it’s another travel blog. Why? Because I am a detailed-obsessed travel agency owner who thinks travel blogs should be honest, insightful, and valuable whether you’re visiting a place for the very first time or exploring beyond your usual hometown favorites. To that end, I’ll do my best and would love to receive comments and suggestions from you along the way. 

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Top 7 Books to Transport You

Books are the easiest way to transport yourself to another place or even another world. I have been obsessed with books since a child. Here are my Tops 7 books to read while traveling or when you need an escape in between travel adventures. Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood by Trevor […]

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Top 5 Useful Items to Pack on Your Next Trip

Admittedly, I am a recovering over-packer. But through the years, I have curated an essential set of items I always pack with me.  Nite Ize Cell Phone Tether The Safety First Aid Kit Sleep Mask Apple Air Tag Noise-canceling Headphones/Earbuds Nite Ize Cell Phone Tether Best 5 dollars I have ever spent for keeping my […]

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